10 Best Home Invasion Horror Movies

The must-see home invasion horrors.

Better Watch Out
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Though there are countless horror movie sub-genres, one of the most persistent and enduring throughout the decades is undeniably the home invasion film.

Typically characterised by a family of innocents being attacked by unwanted intruders in the middle of the night, there's a universality to these kinds of movies which in turn makes them incredibly relatable.

If the horror genre has enjoyed enormous success by reflecting society's collective concerns back at them, what can be more common a fear than a murderous interloper breaking into your house at 3am?

But as with anything popular, the home invasion movie has also been driven firmly into the ground by dozens if not hundreds of also-ran imitators hoping to artlessly cash-in on a hit trend.

Yet the cream inevitably rises to the top, as is certainly the case with these 10 home invasion films, which surely rank among the best of their kind.

From clever subversions of the sub-genre's formula to more conventional yet equally spectacular efforts, these films all got firmly under viewers' skin and maybe even left them sleeping with the light on...

10. The Strangers

Better Watch Out
Universal PIctures

Though marketed as a run-of-the-mill studio-backed horror film, 2008's The Strangers proved to be an uncommonly atmospheric entry into the subgenre, following couple Kristen (Liv Tyler) and James (Scott Speedman) as they're terrorised by a trio of masked murderers.

In addition to writer-director Bryan Bertino's efficient, visually accomplished approach to his streamlined premise, the chilly brilliance of The Strangers lies in the nihilistic senselessness of the violence.

There's no convoluted backstory here - the villains simply do what they do because they like it, which is infinitely more terrifying than a specifically motivated killer whose reasons we might at least be able to understand.

The performances are strong, it's remarkably well-made for a directorial debut, and it knows just when to ramp up the sadistic violence and when to pare it down.

Most of all, like the best entries into the genre, it's a genuinely anxious sit if watched while home alone. However, the less said about the sequel - aside from that exceptional pool fight scene - the better.

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