10 Best Home Invasion Movies

Best double-check the deadbolt!

While not nearly as posh a sub-genre as vampires or zombies, the home invasion movie has something that those hot chart-toppers could never have: actual, factual, no-foolin€™ plausibility. Who among you hasn€™t hid under your covers shivering with the lights on only to remember that undead mutant bloodsuckers aren€™t real? Alas, with the following ten features, that reality check isn€™t available to calm your frayed nerves. Horrible murderous human beings really are real, and in all likelihood they€™re relatively nearby. It is precisely this knowledge that ups the ante, entices the goosebumps and ensures that once you lie down in bed you€™ll have to get up just one more time to triple-check the second deadbolt. Many of the films listed below are horrifying and all of them have that thrilling element (someone's home is being invaded after all), but there is still a lot of room for diversity in sub-genre and tone. Antagonising forces have come knocking in action movies, futuristic epics, dramatic numbers, and - in at least one instance - a Christmas-themed comedy aimed mostly at children. Sometimes they want the inhabitant's wealth, other times they want his or her body, and still other times it's just for fun or something to do; most often it's a combination of all three. No matter how eclectic the list is in terms of which aisle it occupies in the movie store, however, these films all share the common trait that this oft-used plot device could easily happen to you for, like, no reason...
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