10 Best Home Invasion Movies

10. Ils (Them) (2006)

Comparisons to The Strangers are probably inevitable with this one and not without good reason. Both stories are centered on a couple in a rural home who are terrorized by unknown assailants for the duration of the runtime. That being said, Ils is definitely still worth a watch if only for the best employment of the €œBased On A True Story€ shtick yet to be shown on screen. The couple is forced to deal with a growing sense of dread as the attacks escalate from harmless pranks to real violence, but unlike The Strangers the antagonists in this one do have a motive beyond simply "terrify." Tense and well-acted throughout, it is the ending that really hammers home a sense of despair about the current and future state of humanity. Also, a note for would-be victims in circumstances similar to this one: try not to end up on the roof or in a series of dark underground tunnels you're completely unfamiliar with. Maybe leave yourself a possible escape route? Just a thought.
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