10 Best Horror Movie Crossovers

Some things weren't meant to go together but lets put them together anyway and see what happens!


Crossover films have become much more popular in recent years, with cinematic universes like Marvel and DC bringing different characters and stories woven together to make amazing collaborations that have been carefully thought out through various franchises.

However, horror movies have been combining their larger than life villains for decades, often to see who would win in a battle or just how the characters would react to each other.

The cynical among us might say they were just money-making exercises trying to capitalise on attracting the fans from two franchises or just piquing the interest of people who want to see what would happen.

Several of the films in our list involve characters initially working together then turning on each other, or characters trying to use one of the monsters for their own gain and then discovering that they can’t control them. Another common theme is using one monster to defeat another one when all other avenues have failed.

Whatever the reasons behind them, there is no denying that these films are inventive and original and often have great fight sequences in them making them exciting to watch.

If you go into them expecting classic cinematography you will be disappointed - but if you can suspend your disbelief and just enjoy the ride, then crossovers can be a lot of fun!


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