10 Best Horror Movie Final Girls NOBODY Talks About

9. Charly - 31

Kirsty Cotton Hellraiser
Saban Films

Rob Zombie's 31 is a movie that certainly split opinion upon its release back in 2016. Admittedly the filmmaker's most 'Rob Zombie' picture of his career, 31 took grimy, gruesome, grotesque and goresome to levels way above what had already been seen in the director's carnage-laden House of 1000 Corpses and The Devil's Rejects.

While 31 never quite hit the heights of those aforementioned offerings, it did offer up a fantastic protagonist as its one of its two shining lights - the other of which was a powerhouse turn from Richard Brake as the utterly terrifying Doom-Head.

Played by Zombie's wife Sheri Moon, Charly was one of five carnival workers thrust into the confines of the ominously-titled Murderworld. Forced to battle through increasingly-violent 'levels' that involve being hunted down by deranged and demented sorts, the only way to survive Murderworld is to kill all in front of you or pray that you make it through to when this murderous game's timer expires.

Having managed to successfully survive the onslaught of crazed clowns, chainsaw-wielding rednecks, Harley Quinn-styled femme fatales, and a Nazi little person, Charly's final confrontation with Doom-Head is a battle for the ages. And luckily for her, just as Doom-Head looks to strike his fatal blow, the timer of Murderworld sounds, meaning Charly is free to go.

What follows is a brilliant cliff-hanger, as Doom-Head confronts Charly on a deserted road, with the audience left pondering the possibilities of one more encounter between the two.


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