10 Best Horror Movie Franchises

What's your favourite scary movie?

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As a genre, horror has been around for countless generations. From supernatural stories of ghosts and ghouls dating all the way back to the 1700s, the voodo-inspired fantasies of the early 1900s, to the far more grotesque tales of Frankenstein and his monster, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and even the tragic Elephant Man, the modern world of horror on the big screen has its roots in a lot of different influences.

And so often horror is the most original and creative genre of entertainment in the industry. Often representing cultural or social messages relevant for its time and playing on every little thing that can unsettle or disturb audiences, horror films aren't restrained by age ratings or the need to please everyone, which has led to some truly iconic franchises being created and refined over the years.

From terrifying real-world stories brought to life on the big screen, psudo-comedies transforming an entire genre of filmmaking to this day, to the tried and tested classic kills of Freddy, Jason, Michael and co, here's our take on the top best horror movie franchises of all time.

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