10 Best Horror Movie Musicals To Watch This Halloween 2020

When Broadway gets bloody.

Sweeney Todd
Dream Works

Here's the best part about musicals - they can crossover with ANY type of genre. There is a common misconception that every single musical in existence is comprised of only jazz hands and 'random' show numbers chaotically interspersed in the story - but this simply isn't true.

Through the power of good orchestration, succinct plotting and exquisite choreography, a musical could be ANY type of story, whether it had a flavour of science fiction, or maybe part of a Western setting.

And it's exactly the same with a horror musical. Although they might seem like two opposite ends of the spectrum, the genre of horror is actually a fantastic platform for Broadway to collaborate with, because both are often filled with detailed set designs, vivid costuming and very emotive characters. When blending the two, it's a chance for greater artistic creativity - and potentially creative frights, as well.

For those of you who love getting into the spirit of spooky season as well as getting a little bit theatrical, these movies should definitely be on your top picks for Halloween movie night.

10. Stage Fright (2014)

Sweeney Todd
Magnolia Pictures

If Scary Movie is the satirical horror to parody the slasher genre, then Stage Fright is the satirical horror to parody the musical... and also, the slasher. This is a film which appeals to both groups of audiences who either love or hate Broadway. It's far from perfect but it is completely self-aware and uses that to its advantage for the humour.

The story opens with stage diva Kylie Swanson (Minnie Driver) performing the lead role in The Haunting of the Opera. That same night, she is murdered backstage by someone wearing the opera ghost mask, leaving her two children orphaned. Ten years later, Camilla and Buddy attend a musical theatre summer camp, ran by Roger McCall, the man who raised their children of his former lover Kylie.

The camp is terrorised by a relentless killer and hater of musical theatre and thus, the dark humour commences. The storyline is a little weak and the songs could be improved on considering it's a musical, but it is thoroughly entertaining overall.

Much like the aforementioned Scary Movie, this is far from a true horror and further to being completely immersed in comedy.


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