10 Best Horror Movie Sequels That Never Happened

9. Found Footage Friday The 13th

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The Friday the 13th franchise has been a murky one for the past several years now. And no, that's not in regards to some of the more face-palming on-screen moments of the franchise (here's looking at you, Jason Goes to Hell).

Instead, it's behind the scenes where the Friday the 13th series has had major problems in recent times, with an ongoing legal dispute by Sean S. Cunningham and Victor Miller over the rights to Jason Voorhees continuing to rage on. As such, that means any attempt to get a new F13 picture into development has been a non-starter lately.

One Jason outing that nearly did happen, though, was a Friday the 13th tale that would've utilised the found footage approach to relay its story.

After a planned winter-set sequel to 2009's F13 reboot fell apart, Paramount saw the new boom in found footage movies - spurred on by Paranormal Activity's widespread release in late '09 - as a way to freshen up Jason.

With Paramount seeing the low cost and high profit of such films, tentative work began on a found footage picture that would be an almost guaranteed money-spinner for the studio. The problem was, by the time that serious discussions on this film began to take place, the found footage subgenre was starting to once again wane in popularity - and thus those plans were cancelled.

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