10 Best Horror Movie Sequels That Never Happened

8. Michael Vs. Pinhead

Halloween Quentin Tarantino
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Much like Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees had long seemed destined to cross paths, there was also a time where it seemed inevitable that the Halloween franchise's Michael Myers and Hellraiser's Pinhead would be puffing out their chests to see who was the more demented and destructive force.

Before 2003 saw Ronny Yu direct Freddy vs. Jason for New Line Cinema, the option of Michael Myers vs. Pinhead was very much on the table. Not just that, but Hellraiser writer/director Clive Barker was keen to pen this crossover's script, and Halloween director and co-writer John Carpenter had shown interest in potentially directing the film.

Two creative legends of the horror genre? Putting their heads together to match-up two of modern horror's greatest characters? That certainly sounds like a massively appealing prospect.

With both the Halloween and Hellraiser properties at Dimension Films at that point in time, the initial reason for the crossover not happening was down to Dimension themselves. Unsure whether bringing two iconic characters together would actually work, Dimension hesitated on moving forward with the project and likewise expected Freddy vs. Jason to flop.

After Freddy vs. Jason proved a financial success, it was then reportedly Halloween producer Malek Akkad who completely called off any Michael vs. Pinhead plans.

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