10 Best Horror Movie Villain Designs

We have such sights to show you.

Pinhead Hellraiser
New World Pictures

For a horror movie to pass the test of time, it needs a memorable villain. The best of the best almost always have an iconic bad guy. We remember the creature’s sadistic personality, disturbing actions, or intriguing backstory, but most of all, we remember their unforgettable look.

Who is Pinhead without the pins? Who is Freddy Kreuger without the claws? A simple change in these characters’ fashion tastes and it would have been entirely possible that history would have forgotten them. In the world we live in, as flawed and scary as it can be, they live rent-free in our heads for decades and decades more. That is what we will discuss, the best of the best character designs of horror villains. The creativity on display is assured to bring out the fullest potential to scare us off our seats and eat away our peace of mind.

Before we begin, we warn you to get out and get back to the comforts of your happy life before it's too late. Every entry on this list will bring you nothing but horror and dismay. They will be the last thing you will ever see. Now, look behind you.

10. Michael Myers - The Halloween Franchise

Pinhead Hellraiser
Universal Pictures

No one has defined what a slasher villain looks like more than Michael Myers, and for a good reason. Anyone can go to your peaceful neighborhood, wear a mask, sneak into your house, grab a knife, and kill you or someone you love.

That's especially true on Halloween when it is normal for someone to knock on your door wearing a mask and a knife. Therefore, it is important that Michael is not some giant hulk but has a regular build just like any guy you meet on the streets. It is the mask that does all the talking.

Michael’s mask is not especially intricate, but it is effective in mocking your senses. You keep begging for an expressive face to humanize the killer and get an inkling of what he wants, but you are stuck staring at the uncanny valley. You know deep down there is a human being underneath, but your subconscious does not want to imagine anyone can be this evil.

This is how you make an icon — going to a store and ordering a William Shatner mask. Now watch them squirm.


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