10 Best Horror Movie Villains From The 70s

1. Michael Myers - Halloween (1978)

Texas Chainsaw Leatherface
Compass International Pictures

There's very few movie villains as memorable and iconic as Michael Myers, having continued his legacy in film for over forty years now. His chilling murder spree began at just age six when he killed his own sister. And after fifteen years of being confined in a mental institution, he made his return to his hometown of Haddonfield - this time, specifically targeting babysitters.

Michael Myers is the definition of pure evil - stripped of any characteristics, personality or even dialogue, and just a while-painted William Shatner mask and boiler suit for appearance, Myers is a soulless killing machine. What's more is that there are no reasons behind Michael's violent ways. But one of his greatest defining aspects is his heavy breathing, something that lets you know of his presence.

The final showdown between Michael and "last girl standing" Laurie is incredible. As she staggers back to the Doyle house, she throws every weapon she can against Mike, whether it's a knitting needle or a coat hanger, yet nothing seems to defeat him. As Dr. Loomis violently shoots Myers to his 'death', it seems as though his killing spree is finally over. However, when Loomis looks over the balcony, there is no sign of Michael, thus continuing his reign of terror.


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