10 Best Horror Movie Villains From The 70s

2. Leatherface - The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (1974)

Texas Chainsaw Leatherface
Bryanston Pictures

Leatherface felt like a horror movie villain like no other. He was not a supernatural being such as a demon, but he wasn't quite just another mentally deranged murderer in pure human form. The human-skin mask, the surprisingly formal attire and the signature chainsaw gave him more of a distinctive persona, one that has burned into our minds permanently.

Leatherface is the stuff of nightmares. Aside from having a horrific appearance, he's part of a family who all partake in mass cannibalism. Any time he is present, there is always a stressful atmosphere, with his loud DIY equipment and sheer determination when brutally killing innocent trespassers.

But he is also an important character in the history of horror films because of his great influence - heset the precedent for future slasher villains (Michael Myers, Jason Vorhees etc.) who did their dirty work behind a mask and very seldom spoke. However, not many of them can frighten us as much as Leatherface did.


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