10 Best Horror Movie Villains Who Only Appeared Once

9. Mister Babadook - The Babadook

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The Babadook is one of the best-reviewed horror films of recent years, and the story follows a lonely mother raising a bratty child who are both haunted by a sinister figure called Mister Babadook.

The film goes for psychological chills over gore, and it really worms its way under the skin. The performances are a large part of why it works, but props must go out to the design of the Babadook himself, who looks like something out of a 1920’s horror film and Tim Burton’s worst nightmare. His pop-up storybook is a real chiller too.

While the film and the character quickly became cult hits, director Jennifer Kent had it written into her deal that she kept the rights to the character, and is adamant a sequel will never happen. This is good, since it's hard to imagine Babadook being a Freddy-like boogeyman.

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