10 Best Horror Movies Of 2014 Ranked

10. Cam2Cam

This one didn't go down too well with the critics, but horror fans were excited for this Summer 2014 limited release. Gorgeous leading lady? Check; Allie, played by Australian actress Tammin Sursok, plays the damsel in distress stalked by a killer. Relatable scenario? Check; Allie is backpacking around Thailand and meets some fellow ex-pats - we've all been there. These new friends aren't quite what they seem, though, and Allie gets caught up in a frankly terrifying scenario involving her new British and French pals and the eponymous cam site for which they perform. It's a little hackneyed and many will find the twists confusing, but Cam2Cam gets a look in on our top 10 as by far the sexiest horror movie of 2014.
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