10 Best Horror Movies Of 2019 (So Far)

9. Child's Play

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The reboot of Child's Play was never going to be all things to all fans - particularly as it seemed so brazenly keen on distinguishing itself from the original with a whole new creative team and - gasp - a different voice for Chucky. But we needn't have been all that worried. Yes, the reboot is very much a new beginning, but it in now way tramples the legacy of the original and the decision to bring in a new voice actor worked delightfully well because it was Mark Hamill and not some two-bit inferior alternative.

If you didn't like the original and it's sick sense of humour, there's probably little for you here, but there's enough fun, enough gore and enough of a clever commentary on modern consumerism and the digital age to grip. It's got a nastier edge than where the Chucky movies had gone pre-reset (which is not entirely a bad thing), with an overt attempt to be more hip and you have to admire the impressive commitment to trying something different rather than trotting out a beloved character and not giving much of a sh*t what else they do.

And naturally, Hamill is wonderful. Because he always is.

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