10 Best Horror Movies Of 2023 (So Far)

7. Abruptio

Evil Dead Rise
Sweet Home Films

Puppets - awful, they are.

Horror has often made excellent use of creepy mannequins, and the next chapter in that subgenre is 2023's Abruptio.

Written and directed by Evan Marlowe, Abruptio uses full-sized puppets in place of actual actors. That doesn't mean it's low on star power, as James Marsters, Hana Mae Lee, Jordan Peele, and Robert Englund all lend their voices to this demented affair.

Marsters plays Les, a thirtysomething who's down on his luck after a recent break up. He soon forgets about that though, when he realises that there's a bomb implanted in his neck.

That'll do it.

The sheer scope of creating a feature-length film using puppets meant that Abruptio had been in development since 2015. All the hard work finally paid off though, as critics absolutely loved it.

There was high praise for the arresting visual style, its well-crafted story, and strong roster of characters. Yes, a film that was made using giant teletubby stand-ins got praised for its character development.

Whether you love the idea or think it's creepy as all hell, Abruptio is worth seeking out just to witness first-hand.


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