10 Best Horror Movies Of 2023 (So Far)

8. Adalynn

Evil Dead Rise
Summer Hills Films

We're back to the trauma of childbirth.

Why does anyone have kids, honestly?

Adalynn is the name of the character played by Sydney Carvill, who starts the film off by giving birth. Unfortunately, what should be a happy occasion is marred by the new mother's postpartum depression.

Because that simply wasn't bad enough, Adalynn also has a stalker to contend with! Isn't she a lukcy gal?

The real threat of this film isn't the stalker or the baby, but rather its protagonist. Giving birth has taken a lot out of Adalynn physically and mentally, as the feature goes out of its way to show that she is not in a well enough state to be caring for a newborn.

The movie isn't perfect, as there are plenty of directions it could have gone in that it just ignored, but there's something so viscerally frightening about watching a mother on the edge.

New life is so fragile that it serves as the perfect jeopardy generator in a story like this.

The fact that the danger is coming from the person that should be providing care only adds to the chilling discomfort.


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