10 Best Horror Movies Of 2023 (So Far)

5. Scream VI

Evil Dead Rise

Things got off to a rocky start for the sixth instalment of the Scream franchise when it was announced that series pillar Neve Campbell would not be appearing in the movie.

Campbell's character Sidney Prescott had been in every single Scream movie up to this point. As they say in the business, ruh roh. Fortunately, the good work done by the 2022 Scream relaunch was enough to keep people interested.

Scream VI, which follows the survivors of the last movie as they are stalked by Ghostface in New York, made absolute bank at the box office. It returned almost $169 million on a $35 million budget, which we can all agree isn't too shabby.

Whilst some people were a little sick of the Scream formula when this came out, others delighted in its over-the-top silliness and brutal sense of humour. It managed to be just as clever as the previous movies whilst ramping up the blood and guts to new levels.

Considering how well the series is doing compared to other '90s horror revivals, don't expect Scream to wrap up any time soon.

Looking to Scream XIX, which will be set on the Moon.


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