10 Best Horror Movies Of The Decade So Far

10. Spring

Drafthouse Films

Being completely honest, this feels a little dirty putting this on a ‘horror’ list. Technically, Spring is listed as a romantic body horror flick but in reality it’s more like a mixed genre buffet cherry picking the bits it likes from romantic films, sci-fi stuff, coming of age stories all the way down to shock and gore forming a sort of horror chimera. It’s a certainly a nuanced horror movie, but Spring takes chances, which you can only respect in the light of the cut and paste ethos a lot of horror seems to be taking these days.

It follows the meanderings of Evan, a young man going that period of post adolescence/ young adulthood where you simultaneously feel that the world is both too big and too small. He escapes to Italy to try and find himself, the same thing your friend is currently doing in Thailand. Before long he meets Louisa, a beguiling heterochromatic girl so beautiful you want to bite your hand off. And then the world begins to explode. Slowly at first, far off in the distance as pyroclastic flow engulfs you and you now know why you’re in Pompeii.

Spring is an interesting, almost post-modern take on mutation and metamorphosis. There’s a relaxed, almost catatonic ambience encapsulated in the Italian back street serenity and the Sigur Ros soundtrack. Which makes it all the more diabolical when it rips out your jugular and devours it right in front of you.

Don’t get me wrong, this is not a horror film that everyone will enjoy or even like and it’s certainly not the scariest on this list, not even close. But it is one of the most interesting, which is completely fine by me.


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