10 Best Horror Movies Set In Space

Sci-fi meets horror in these ten spooky space flicks.

High Life

The Final Frontier. The Great Unexplored Expanse. The Big Black Thing In The Sky.

Space is known by many names, but there's one word that we should all call it - terrifying.

Not only do we have absolutely no idea what is most of outer space, the stuff we do know about it is utterly harrowing. Black holes, supernovas, giant chunks of rock travelling at several thousand miles an hour. No thanks!

Naturally, this makes space an excellent setting for a horror film. Our lack of knowledge on the subject allows filmmakers almost total freedom to fill their vision of space with all the ghoulish delights they can think of.

Or you can keep it simple. Space is an incredibly isolating place and loneliness does awful things to the things human mind. Thus, the cosmos also lends itself nicely to the psychological horror.

The following ten scary movies are all set in space in one form or another. Whether that's aboard a spaceship, on another planet, or some combination of the two, most of the action in these movies takes place away from Earth - where no one can hear you scream...

10. Event Horizon

High Life

Though not initially beloved upon its 1997 release, Paul W. S. Anderson's Event Horizon has found a second wind in recent years.

Starring the likes of Laurence Fishburne and Sam Neill, the movie is about a group of astronauts who rescue a stricken spacecraft only to find more inside than they bargained for.

To be fair, if you're going to end up stuck in space with a bunch of monsters, then Morpheus and Dr. Alan Grant are some pretty decent teammates.

Described as "The Shining but in space" by some critics, Event Horizon is crammed with creative monster designs, spine-chilling music, and truly disturbing scenes. Not nearly as disturbing as the initial response to the movie was, because people hated it when it first came out.

The film's original runtime was a whopping 130 minutes, so Paramount made some serious edits to the project behind Anderson's back. Some blame this for why Event Horizon suffered as badly as it did, because it was devoid of its creator's true vision.

Still, people have come around to it, which is all that matters. Even if they did take about two decades to do so.

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