10 Best Horror Movies Set In Space

9. Lifeforce

High Life
TriStar Pictures

Another cult classic directed by a very famous name, 1985's Lifeforce is the work of Poltergeist and Texas Chain Saw Massacre head honcho Tobe Hooper.

It kicks off when the Space Shuttle Churchill comes across an alien spaceship full of dead bats and three naked humanoids floating in glass tanks. Sounds like a typical Saturday night out.

The crew of Churchill recover the bodies and begin the transport them back to Earth, but they too suffer a mysterious fate and a rescue mission for them is launched too.

Whilst everything gets under way in space, the action does move to the Earth when the three naked people - who it turns out are shapeshifting alien vampires - start rampaging throughout London.

They needn't bother changing form; London's got enough weirdos in it that they'll blend in seamlessly.

The overwhelming feeling when watching Lifeforce is "What am I watching?" It's an utterly bonkers picture with enough Lovecraftian elements to keep any fans of weird horror thoroughly entertained.

Yes, it's not fully set in space, but there is enough spacey stuff in there to appease. Also, Patrick Stewart is in it, and he knows a thing or two about the cosmos.

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