10 Best Horror Movies To Watch Alone

8. The House Of The Devil

Innkeepers Movie
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A slow burn at its finest.

In need of some quick cash, a young woman finds herself with an almost suspiciously well paying babysitting gig at a creepy, isolated mansion. What could possibly go wrong? A lot actually. Especially when the bodies start to drop.

The House of The Devil is a great movie to chill with, which probably sounds strange considering everything about it. But, by combining a perfectly realized retro aesthetic and methodical pacing, director Ti West creates an experience that feels familiarly comforting. That is, of course, until it goes full on nightmare fuel.

Like many on this list, it's the type of movie that works best watching alone because of its construction. It's unnervingly quiet for the first two acts, using its silence as a way to build tension and lower the viewer's guard for when the ball drops somewhere around the last twenty minutes or so. Patience is required, and it's just simply easier to be patient when there are less opportunities to not be.

If it's your cup of tea, you'll find that the payoff is a truly bone-chilling affair that will leave you both wanting more and yet glad the whole thing is over.


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