10 Best Horror Movies Under 90 Minutes

9. Creep (2014)

Creep Mark Duplass
The Orchard

Nothing gets the nerves jangling quite like 2014’s delightfully succinct chiller Creep, which stars Mark Duplass as a disturbed man who hires an unsuspecting documentarian to help him film a mysterious project in his secluded woodland home. The film gets increasingly unsettling over the course of its 82 minute run time, due in large part to a career-best performance from Duplass, who terrifies as the enigmatic Josef.

The movie reaches its most effective during the scenes in which Josef and Aaron, the cameraman, are simply conversing, ramping up tension as Josef reveals more of himself to Aaron and toys with him by maintaining intense eye contact and testing his personal boundaries. The film builds and maintains suspense expertly all the way to its hair-raising climax, which will stay with you far longer than the movie’s shortness would suggest.


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