10 Best Horror Movies Where Nobody Dies

Who'd have thought you could have such a good time without a single death?

Fox Searchlight

Horror movies and death go hand in hand. When we hear the word horror, we know we're in for a gruesome ride, and a huge part of that is smearing people's insides as far and wide as possible across the largest surface area to the screams, and cheers, of a captive audience. Such is entertainment, really, as Gladiator battles, murder mysteries, and bloodsports have proven for many years beforehand: a little bit of death spices everything up.

So what happens when you take out the key element that watchers are turning up for? A horror movie has to work far harder to remain engaging when its main set pieces of blood and guts are stripped away, but it often results in some of the most impressive feats of film in the genre. Horror without a body count has room to build atmosphere and tone in a completely different way, making for a new kind of experience that sticks with you far longer than a simple disemboweling.

Whilst supernatural entities and animals might not have been so lucky, these movies all managed to avoid racking up a human death toll by the close of their credits, much to their own gain...


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