10 Best Horror Movies Where Nobody Dies

10. The Babadook

Entertainment One/IFC Films/Icon Productions

Easily one of the best horror movies of this generation, The Babadook manages to muster up its horror without ever laying out a single character - instead laser-focussing itself on a jet-black tone and a remarkably original monster born from a children's pop up book.

The titular Mr. Babadook is a lurking, shadowy creation that's intent on setting grieving single mother Amelia against her young son Samuel, playing on the families fractured relationship by harbouring fear and resentment between the two as they attempt to outrun his reach.

Personifying a literal looming spectre of Amelia's packed away grief at losing her husband, The Babadook isn't there to outright murder anyone, but rather oppress the young family's happiness and appear as the all-consuming emotional trauma that still hasn't been dealt with.

His ability to shift in and out of darkness, uttering spine-tingling sounds and slowly souring the pair's lives is quietly frightening, but never understated. Mr. Babadook really is the stuff of nightmares.


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