10 Best ‘I’m Dead And I Know It’ Moments In Vampire Horror Movies

They may be immortal, but that doesn't mean vampires don't offer up some really great deaths!

Thirst 2009 ending Park Chan-wook
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Oh the immortal vampire, a beloved topic of literature and film alike. Plenty of incredible works of art have been created around the idea of the vampire; these mirror-dodging, blood-sucking badboys have been bringing us joy for centuries.

Being one of the staple big three monsters (the others being werewolves and zombies), a seemingly endless amount of films dedicated to them seem to exist and, out of all the offerings, most of them aren’t great.

Amongst the heaps and heaps of crap, we know there are at least a few gems. There are classics like Dracula and Salem’s Lot, and of course some more recent contributions that are working their way into the horror hall of fame.

Even if vampires are famously immortal, vampire movies definitely contain their fair share of gory deaths - whether that’s of the central monsters themselves or the characters around them.

Sometimes characters get the pleasure of realising they’re about to bite the big one just before it happens, and we get the pleasure of watching them realise! And sometimes that can be super satisfying.

10. Let The Right One In - Håkan

Thirst 2009 ending Park Chan-wook
Sandrew Metronome

After young Eli’s guardian, Håkan, encounters a little problem when out on his most recent hunt, he ends up in hospital. His face has been gruesomely melted by acid but he’s still hanging on until Eli comes to visit him. At that point, he knows what he has to do.

He opens the window and removes some of his medical tubes, offering up his neck to Eli to feed on. As she does he grimaces, his body going progressively more limp and leaning out of the window.

He allows for her to drain him of his blood, not fighting back as he becomes completely limp. Once she has finished, Eli simply allows for his drained body to fall out of the window and slam to the snowy ground below. We see his last few seconds, unwavering in their finality as his breath makes steam in the air - missing half of a face and all of his blood.


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