10 Best ‘I’m Dead And I Know It’ Moments In Vampire Horror Movies

9. Ten Minutes To Midnight - Amy

Thirst 2009 ending Park Chan-wook
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This one is a little different because DJ Amy’s death isn’t exactly a clear-cut one. A lot of the film is confusing, trippy and symbolic, and one of the best parts of that is her bizarre farewell party from the station in which all of her coworkers inhabit different bodies.

One moment within this that seems to be an important turning point for Amy, in which he begins understanding what is happening and what it means, is after her body-swapped colleagues give her a series of gifts.

Speaking to one of them, Darren, she expresses her confusion and he assures her that she is not alone, “it happens to everyone” and “it’s time to say goodbye”. On a literal level it appears that he is talking about retiring and leaving a company, but as she faces down the coffin her coworkers have bought for her its symbolic meaning is much stronger.

She accepts that today was the death of both her career and her mortal form, and she agrees that when you’re living your life it all seems so long, but then the end comes in an instant. It’s quite a powerful set-piece, with the wise counsel from her colleague and her expressions of fear - far deeper than what you would normally expect from a dumb vampire horror set at a tiny radio studio!


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