10 Best 'I'm Dead And I Know It' Moments In Apocalypse Horror Movies

With the world ending around you, how shocked can you really be when you realise you're gonna die?

Oblivion Vika death andrea riseborough
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If, like me, you fear the complete annihilation of the Earth and all its occupants more than anything in the world then it can sometimes be hard to feel anything positive about films like these.

It's all well and good to have a horror with a few zombies or a cheeky monster, but when the whole world is doomed then it's always going to take on a darker tone.

The one good thing that can come out of this, on occasion, is a really great death scene. When you know everything is about to come to an end (whether that's for you or for everyone), there's a whole lot of emotions going on.

You can see it in characters' faces as they process what's coming, and there's an added levity to it when its in an apocalyptic setting where so much is at stake.

From alien annihilation to a population-halving virus, these films offer a range of end-of-world scenarios complete with a real variety of deaths.

Not everyone can look death in the eye and smile, but if you're badass enough to do that then at least your last moments on earth will be cool ones.

10. Robert Neville - I Am Legend

Oblivion Vika death andrea riseborough
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Though the film gets dunked on a lot now, we all secretly enjoyed it at least a small amount. If nothing else of value, at least we got some nice moments involving Will Smith playing with a cute dog.

In a way, I Am Legend’s Darkseekers are quite similar to the zombies in Zach Synder’s Army of the Dead - intelligent, monstrous humanoids. It’s just that these ones don’t have the benefit of 2020 special effects, so in retrospect they often seem a bit goofy.

Smith plays protagonist Robert Neville, a virologist who is searching for a cure for the Darkseeker virus in post-apocalyptic Manhattan. When, at long last, he manages to find what seems to be a cure, he’s faced with the possibility of losing it all to a Darkseeker siege.

Accompanied by this point by two fellow survivors, he makes the decision to sacrifice himself in order to save them and the cure. He shuts the other two into a chute with a vial of cured blood, calmly turning around to see the beasts about to break through the glass and tear him apart.

He opens a draw, taking out a picture of his wife and daughter, smiling slightly before reaching for a grenade. His relaxed demeanor shows he has resigned himself to death, thinking of his family and of the possibility for a future after his death, he goes out like a champ.


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