10 Best Lightsabers In Star Wars History

It's not all about the blue, y'know.

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A civilised weapon for a more civilised age, there isn't a blade more iconic than the lightsaber. Since that first 'hhrssszzzz' in 1977, Star Wars' most memorable weapon has captivated as many fans as it has dismembered limbs, conjuring a definitive image of a sci-fi universe that has the world at its beck and call almost every year.

And with each and every Star Wars outing, they only seem to get better. One blade, two blades, even three blades have erupted out of a hilt at some point, which leaves us with the very tricky dilemma of deciding which ones are the best. That's quite the task, especially since - for the last ten or so years at least - a whole bevy of blades have burst their way onto the Star Wars scene, each with their own place on the light-dark spectrum.

While George's technicolour dreamsaber still remains a distant reality, there's no getting away from the fact that the lightsaber is one of cinema's most iconic weapons, and while it has had its imitators, there's no getting away from the fact that, for the last forty-or-so years, it's been the coolest blade in the biz.

Rogue One may have been lauded for its lack of lazer-based swordsmanship, but with The Last Jedi set to bring the weapon back in a big way (potentially with a new hue), the Jedi's weapon has never been so popular. And these are the best...

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