10 Best Lightsabers In Star Wars History

10. Asajj Ventress' Lightsabers

Asajj Ventress star wars

First introduced in Genndy Tartakovsky's criminally overlooked Clone Wars cartoon, Asajj Ventress has gone on to become a fan-favourite staple of the new Expanded Universe canon, owed in part of course to the strength of the character, but also to her brilliant aesthetic.

It's a look made even better by her choice of weaponry: two curved red sabres gifted to her by Count Dooku. Ventress' dual-wield can also be switched up into a double-bladed style ala Darth Maul, switching up an already threatening posture with a look bound to evoke Naboo-themed nightmares for a certain Kenobi.

Ventress switched up her weaponry in the closing episodes of the 2008 Clone Wars series, and Christie Golden's Dark Disciple - a phenomenal epilogue to that series - saw the former Sith assassin opt to use an old yellow blade, formerly used by a Jedi Knight.

She's just a brilliant character all around, so it makes sense her lightsabers are just as cool.

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