10 Best Marvel Cinematic Universe Deleted Scenes

Leftover shawarma to chow down on.

Hulk suicide

Remember how excited you used to get when your favourite films finally found their way to DVD so you could check out the deleted scenes?

Even though services like Netflix have given home media a brutal kicking, outtakes, extended scenes and alternate takes are still a thing, and the Marvel Cinematic Universe has given us plenty of them over the years.

Not all deleted scenes are created equal. Some would have changed the entire movie had they made the final cut, while others are no more than fat for the trimming.

Then there are the extended sequences which would have made the film's entire plot less confusing, given us more context to lap up and crammed more action into the runtime.

Any self-respecting Marvel fan will keen to see every second of footage that's ever been committed to celluloid, but when the cutting room floor is as packed with riches as Odin's treasure vault, where do you begin?

How about a despondent Hulk attempting to end it all, Loki dressing up as Captain America and the best Stan Lee cameo you never got to see?

10. Echoes From Black Widow's Past

Hulk suicide
Marvel Studios

More nuanced than Bruce Banner's attempt on his life, this is an extended version of a scene from Captain America: The Winter Solider, with some juicy nuggets thrown in.

Marvel Studios has a solid track record of pleasing the fans, but most would agree that denying Black Widow a solo outing is shortsighted on its part.

So any morsels of information which surface from her shadowy past are kind of a big deal, and that's what this Winter Solider scene deals in.

In a lengthier version of that sequence where Scar-Jo's Natasha is leaking SHIELD secrets onto the internet, and Alexander Pierce (Robert Redford) warns the assassin that her dirty laundry is about to be aired too.

He specifically mentions “Budapest, Osaka and The Children’s War", and Black Widow looks visibly shaken.

Natasha's Budapest escapades have been referenced before - it was mission she embarked on with Hawkeye - but what of Osaka and The Children’s War?

Hopefully we'll find out more about these incidents in the Black Widow solo film when Marvel pulls its bloody finger out and makes it happen.


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