10 Best MCU Characters To Have A Drink With

They're all good for saving or destroying the world, but which ones are good for a pint?

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The MCU is full of remarkable people, as Nick Fury would say. All of them have played pivotal roles in either saving the city/country/world/galaxy/universe, or very nearly destroying it. There are dozens of heroes, villains, and supporting characters, all of whom bring something special to the table. From Tony Stark's technical genius to Cap's unwavering idealism, from Black Panther's unerring nobility to Thanos's fanatical commitment, everyone has something to offer in the battle of good vs evil, be it micro or macro.

But who could you party with? Any of them can tip the fate of the cosmos in one direction or another, but who could just kick back and have a drink with you? By the way, when I say, "have a drink", what I mean is "get absolutely, catastrophically drunk".

Not all drinking buddies are created equal, and being a badass hero/villain doesn't automatically equate to being a good party guest. Sure, Dr. Strange, Vision, and Scarlet Witch are extremely powerful, but would they make for good drinking partners? Wanda has a lot of emotional baggage, so you'd probably end up having a teary-eyed heart-to-heart. Vision would probably put you to sleep, since the man has no sense of humor (or social skills at all, really). Who knows what would happen to Strange if you got him all loose and reckless? He would shatter the multiverse, that's what would happen.

So who COULD you let loose and drink with? Let's see...

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