10 Best Mid-Credit Movie Scenes

Don't leave the cinema yet with these awesome scenes that play as the credits roll.

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There’s nothing like a great film with great closure. That perfect arc of sublime cinematic storytelling that hits its mark and rounds out with a superb, satisfying and climactic third act.

However, in such awesome slices of big screen joy, we can’t help but yearn for that little something extra. And while most non-superhero movies don't contain that end credits stinger that rewards the most patient of us, we love those well-crafted scenes that appear as we're watching the credits roll.

After our first top 10 list last year about the best movie credits (read the article HERE and watch the video version below), we've listened to your comments and come up with a further 10 entries that deserve your time after the end scene.

So, sit back down, finish off your popcorn and wait for all those suckers to leave the cinema mid-credits – you’re in no rush...

10. Dawn Of The Dead (2004)

Zack Snyder's take on the classic Dawn of the Dead movie felt fresh and breathed new life into the undead horde format. It may lack the social commentary of the original, but it's still full of tension, and that's in large part thanks to the addition of the waves of fast zombies just waiting to take chunks out of our survivors.

By the end of the film, the group have managed to make it to the docks and commandeer a boat as they set sail into (hopefully) safer, zombie-free lands. Then the credits roll which shows the likely grim fate of the survivors.

They're still over water and now struggling with dwindling supplies and fuel. When all hope seems lost, the desperate group finally spot dry land. Cautiously advancing as they land, they scope out the place. But something is wrong, as their dog starts barking and runs off. Their worst fears are revealed as a legion of undead appear from nowhere.

With the survivors now between open water and the horde, they've got nowhere left to run. And while their fates aren't explicitly shown on-screen, it's heavily implied that the gang have met a grisly end. It's an ending that sticks with you far more effectively than just sailing off into the sunset.

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