10 Best Movie Characters Of 2021 (So Far)

9. Hutch Mansell - Nobody

Cruella Emma Stone

Nobody may not quite live up to the intensity of the John Wick franchise, but it did offer up a surprising showcase for Bob Odenkirk's action chops.

The Better Call Saul actor plays Hutch "Nobody" Mansell, an ex-CIA assassin now living a quiet, boring suburban life with his wife and children.

But of course, circumstances soon force Hutch to dust off his Special Set of Skills and get to work, in turn delivering one of the year's most entertainingly, unexpectedly kick-ass characters.

As both an unassuming man wracked by middle-aged boredom and a below-the-surface action hero waiting to burst forth, Odenkirk is terrific, ensuring Hutch is one of the year's coolest and most likeable protagonists.

Given the response to the movie and Odenkirk's performance, it's little surprise that a sequel is already in active development.

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