10 Best Movie Marketing Campaigns Ever

5. Avatar


The old adage "Less is More" doesn't seem to carry that much weight in Hollywood anymore. As early as a year and a half you'll find teasers for upcoming films already promising a good time ahead. While minimal, they might show you something iconic to the film that can lead your imagination to places it wouldn't normally have gone. In the case of James Cameron's Avatar, he waited until the Summer months before his long rumored film was due to be released...more specifically, August 2009. The film was set to be released in December 2009, and yet James Cameron knew he could wait until the last possible minute to drop any sort of concrete visuals. Why was he allowed to get away with something few other films would even dare trying? Because Avatar was so anticipated that its mystery perpetuated its popularity better than anything he could have put into the atmosphere. Also, details of James Cameron's filming process made this the first film that was a must see in 3D, considering Cameron created a new camera rig that would allow filmmakers to create actual 3D films and not just shallow upconversions. What's more, Cameron started the trend of invite-only events that fans could attend in order to get a sneak peek of the film's content. August 21st, 2009 was "Avatar Day", the day where fans who were lucky enough to snag an invite were allowed to preview an extended selection of footage in IMAX 3D; as well as walk away with some Avatar swag to promote the film. At the same time, a standard theatrical trailer and information on the film's toy/video game campaigns were also revealed to propel this unknown property from it shrowd of mystery to mass public consciousness. Sometimes, even in Hollywood, less can definitely be more.
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