10 Best Movie Opening Titles Sequences

Opening title sequences can be a wonderful thing or they can be a terrible thing. They can at their worst make a long film even longer, and at their best, they can get viewers hyped up for what is to follow, not only telling us who is involved with the project, but helping to set the tone and make it clear what sort of a film it is going to be. Some of the better opening titles even tie into the film directly, giving us additional snippets of information about the plot, and of course, occasionally having entire scenes take place while the credits roll. These 10 opening titles sequences are memorable for their exquisite style, at once adding to the film and making it more memorable, while also getting us adequately psyched up for the awesome film that is to follow. There are so many great sequences out there that plenty of amazing ones couldn't make the cut, but here's the 10 that have best stuck with us.

10. Run Lola Run

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hiq1lturAao We begin with a titles sequence that perfectly befits the film it is placed at the start of; Tom Tykwer's masterful, electric, lightning-paced action drama is a thrilling film from start to finish, and it's all propelled forward by these stunning credits, a part live-action, part-animated sequence that's backed by some pulsing music, setting the tone entirely for what is to come. The best moments are unquestionably seeing an animated Lola running with a football, and then the mugshot-style credits of each of the principal players. Tywker manages to make it all flow so cohesively, and then promptly returns to the live-action form that defines the film, as Lola picks up her phone and the manic chase to save Manni begins. It's proof that not all opening credits need to be slow and black-and-white to be meaningful; this sequence completely confesses the film's thematic concerns, but does so in a way that is thoroughly exciting and completely frenetic.
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