10 Best Movie Sequels That Took Decades To Arrive - Ranked

When patience pays off.


Given how quickly movie sequels are churned out today, it's a genuine anomaly when we're presented with an entry in a series that hasn't been seen for quite some time.

This isn't a common occurrence for several reasons. Sequels are usually made with the intent of capitalising on the success of the original, so a time gap of two to three years is right around the sweet spot for studios. But sometimes - due to several factors including nostalgia and brand value - this gap can extend to a momentum-killing two or more decades.

Unfortunately, it's generally quite hard for movies to recapture some of that original magic after such a long period of time, and as a result, it's very rare for these belated sequels to actually be any good.

But there are a handful of diamonds in the rough; good, great or awesome sequels that landed years after their previous instalments. They're not always the best in their franchises, but when you've waited so long to see a particular character or universe grace your screen once again, a solid movie is all you could ask for.


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