10 Best Movie Title Drops Ever

Saying the name of a movie can be so cliche, but sometimes it results in cinema history...


A title drop during a movie should be considered an art form unto itself, considering how difficult it is to pull off effectively. Done poorly, you end up sounding clunky and forced, which our dear friend Will Smith unfortunately found out in the disaster that was Suicide Squad.

But done correctly, the title drop can be the highlight of the entire movie all on its own. It can be the perfect lead in or the perfect cap off to an already fantastic scene, giving it the extra bit of pizzazz it needs to stay in people's minds for the rest of their lives.

It's a lot easier to list the title drops that don't work than it is to list the ones that do, mostly because so many make you cringe into a little ball of embarrassment when you hear them. But there are some that absolutely nail the landing, not only imbuing the name of a film with even more meaning, but leading to some of the most iconic moments in cinema history.

These ten title drops made fans cheer in the audience, and still make them fill up with emotion when they think back on them.


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