10 Best Movie Trailers Of The 2010s

These were the trailers we couldn't stop watching over and over again...

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With the rise of social media, many of the trailers released in the 2010s were followed by endless arguments and speculations over the internet – particularly in the case of major blockbusters. And given these trailers could be watched countless times, they were also analysed and dissected by hardcore film fanatics.

As a result, it was essential for trailers to be well executed. Even if the movie itself was good, a poorly-made trailer could lead to online backlash and damage a film’s financial prospects.

Though it’s impossible to please everyone, the best trailers of the 2010s were met with overwhelming positivity from film-lovers across the globe.

Given that far too many modern trailers ruined the final product by spoiling key parts of the film, such trailers were often devoid of major plot points. They captivated audiences with their slick editing, gorgeous visuals, and – more often than not – a terrific soundtrack.

These trailers were so good they were essentially works of art in their own right, and as such, even after the release of the full film they still have plenty of replay value…

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