10 Best Movie Villains Of 2019

The best of a really bad bunch.

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Generally speaking, a good movie will tell a story around a strong protagonist. Someone for the audience to relate to, root for, and connect with. For this to be achieved, the character will have to overcome some kind of obstacle, be it a situation, a circumstance, or another person.

Naturally, the tougher the journey the hero goes on, the more an audience will back them, and so a strong villain is incredibly important and can sometimes make or break a movie. Creating an antagonist to match the protagonist is no easy feat, and there are plenty in 2019 that missed the mark.

Because so much of a movie is naturally spent around the hero, villains are often left under-developed, and killed off or defeated before the audience has a chance to form any real connection to them. A problem constantly faced, and often failed to prevent, by the MCU, for example but when the time and effort is put into creating a villain, they can truly become something special.

Someone to despise, but also a charismatic, interesting character with a real motive that can, on at least some level, connect with the audience. 2019 has had its fair share of these villains as well.

Some spoilers ahead (for Knives Out in particular) so be forewarned...

10. Ghidora - Godzilla: King Of Monsters

mysterio spiderman
Warner Bros.

Over the years, certain movies have been made, remade, and remade again. Godzilla is one such property that has been tackled so many times, and not always with a great amount of success. King of Monsters was certainly one of the better iterations, helped to some degree by the titular character's opposite number, Ghidorah.

From the moment the three headed monster made its appearance in 2019, Ghidorah cut an extremely intimidating figure. The size, strength, and raw power of the kaiju was enough to confirm it was exactly the villain this movie needed - a Godzilla level threat.

It would have been easy to make the creature a run of the mill monster movie villain, however, aside from the fantastic aesthetics, Ghidorah was actually given a personality. Straight away the middle head is shown as the leader and is the driving force behind the aggression of the beast. There is almost a conscious enjoyment as Ghidorah devours anyone in its way.

The only real problem created by this movie's villain was a question regarding the future of the MonsterVerse. If the King of Monsters can defeat a beast such as Ghidorah, how could he possibly be tested by King Kong as he is scheduled to be in 2020?


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