10 Best Movies & TV Shows Starring Kaley Cuoco

8. 10.5 (2004)

10.5 is a disaster movie by John Lafia (best known for his work on the Child's Play franchise) which was released as a TV miniseries. When a series of earthquakes hit the West Coast of America, all building up to one of an almost preposterous destructive scale, a task force is set up to predict the next disasters and how they might be averted.

Cuoco plays Amanda Williams, the daughter of the Governor of California. She has to travel across the state with her father Clark (Smallville's John Schneider), overcoming everything from rescue missions to escaping quicksand. The pair eventually escape to Tent City, basically a massive refugee camp for displaced citizens.

10.5 was ridiculed by both critics and scientists - as you would expect for a film that suggest geological fault lines can be fused shut by nuclear bombs. The Southern California Earthquake Center even had to add a section to their website addressing the film's inaccuracies.

Despite the criticism, 10.5 was a fairly solid ratings success. So much so in fact that a sequel - 10.5: Apocalypse - was aired two years later. Cuoco did not return for the sequel, which stars NYPD Blue's Kim Delaney.


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