10 Best Movies Where The Hero And Villain Never Meet

9. The Truman Show

True Romance
Paramount Pictures

The Truman Show is an interesting addition to this list, as it doesn't feature what many would consider to be a hero/villain paradigm. Instead, it featured a man, who didn't know he was a hero, and a villain who didn't believe himself to be a bad guy in any way.

The movie is primarily a comedy, but it evolves throughout its runtime into a drama, where it's clear that Truman Burbank is not only the hero of the story — he's also the victim. In the movie, Truman was adopted as an infant by a studio, and his entire life was broadcast for the world to see.

Through this, Truman became incredibly popular all around the world, but what he didn't know was that he was in a cage, and as his reality came crashing down around him, he began to see the bars and looked for a way out, which brought him into conflict with Cristof, the creator of the show.

At no point do Cristof and Truman meet one another, and instead, Cristof speaks to his "star" through what can only be described as the booming voice of God. He attempts to convince Truman to remain, but after a brief conversation, Truman decides to leave, and signs off with his catchphrase, "In case I don't see you... good afternoon, good evening, and good night."


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