10 Best Mullets In Action Movie History

They defy logic, taste and in some cases even gravity itself.

There is an appropriate time and place for everything. If you want to get so drunk that you vom on your shoes, dance in your underpants and use a kebab as a roll-on deodorant save it for a Friday night out with your friends rather than a Monday morning meeting with your boss. And if you want to sport a mullet without being ridiculed then you should reside in the Appalachian mountains where you can spend your evenings playing your banjo, getting unsuspecting tourists to squeal like pigs and cleaning your one good tooth. There is one exception to the above rule though and the mullet sporting aficionados in question have six packs that aren't being kept in the fridge and a full set of teeth. They are life takers and heart breakers. They are known by macho one word names like Dalton or Chance or Cash and they absolutely love a good quip. They are action heroes and they don't play the banjo...although they do seem to go through a lot of hairspray. Join us as we take a look at ten of the best, most memorable, most amazing examples of action movie mullets in history that defy logic, taste and in some cases even gravity itself.

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