10 Best Mullets In Action Movie History

10. Dolph Lundgren - Masters Of The Universe (1987)

Tag Line: If he dyes...he dyes. The power of the mullet in the eighties reached a long way. Athletes, musicians and actors across the globe all adopted this as the haircut de rigour which presumably coincided with an inexplicable loss of taste during that decade. Its power (of Greyskull) was so great it even reached Eternia to prove that even alien worlds weren't immune to losing their damn minds.

9. Patrick Swayze- Road House (1989)

Tag Line: No Body? No Volume? No Entry! Whenever Patrick Swayze's Dalton, Zen master martial artist bouncer cum philosopher, meets someone new they always remark they thought he'd be bigger. I always thought this was a riff on his size but in retrospect it was probably down to an optical illusion. His bloody mullet was so big it made his head look tiny!

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