10 Best Music Sequences In The Shrek Films

The kingdom of Far Far Away knows how to get funky!

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Released nearly 20 years ago, Shrek has managed to not only stay relevant but grow in its cult movie status. The film, starring everyone's favourite ogre, is best known for its star-studded cast, hilariously quotable one-liners and genius parodies of iconic films.

Despite the film's tremendous success, there is a tragedy surrounding Shrek even greater than The Gingerbread Man losing his gumdrop buttons and it's the underappreciated musical sequences.

There isn't a fairytale creature alive who doesn't automatically think of Shrek whenever the stars align and the sweet, sweet sounds of Smash Mouth's All Star ring out to bless our eardrums, but what other musical masterpieces have slipped under the radar?

From sweet, somber moments between Shrek and Donkey to brutal fight scenes between Princess Fiona and a band of merry men, this list will highlight and celebrate the music that gave those scenes extra emotion and punch. You don't have to be the sharpest tool in the shed to fall accidentally in love with these classic Shrek musical moments.

10. Shrek Turns Gladiator (Bad Reputation - Halfcocked)

After losing his swamp to a horde of exiled fairytale creatures, Shrek takes matters into his own hands and decides to confront Lord Farquaad, who decreed they be banished to the swamp.

Whilst taking in the sights of Farquaad's kingdom of Duloc and getting stunned into silence by a band of singing puppets, Shrek accidentally stumbles into the city's equivalent of The Royal Rumble as Farquaad searches for a champion to rescue Princess Fiona from the dragon's castle.

Farquaad is disgusted by the mere presence of Shrek and declares that whoever kills the ogre would be the crowned champion.

In an impressive fight sequence (look out for Shrek's use of The People's Elbow), Shrek successfully reduces the soldiers to a pile of weapons and armour all set to the punk rock classic - Bad Reputation.

Originally released in 1980 by Joan Jett And The Blackhearts, Bad Reputation is covered by punk band Halfcocked. Interestingly, this song is also Ronda Rousey's track of choice for when she enters the ring. Clearly this is a good song for a fight!

Look out for the classic line "Some of you may die, but it's a sacrifice I am willing to make." which is now a popular meme template.

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