10 Best Musical Scenes In Movies

Can anything really beat Baby Groot dancing to Mr Blue Sky?

Marvel Studios

Film is first and foremost a visual medium. No matter how much you want to debate it, any filmmaker's goal is to take the idea that they have in their head and have it manifest itself before their audience's eyes. Though the plot may play out in front of your face, the actual use of sound is what makes you stand up and take notice.

From older masterpieces to modern classics, there is something to be said about the way a director might choose a song to go along with the action taking place in front of you. It might be an actual musical, mood music, or just an epic soundtrack cut, but each of them make that emotional connection all the same. Instead of just seeing a lot of epic performances brought to life on screen, the music helps throw the viewer into the experience, as if they are right by the character's side as they deal with their own trials and tribulations.

Your brain may pick up on the storyline, but the music is what moves the plot past your brain and into your heart. Whether it's an essential part of the story or just a kickass interlude, these songs have certainly left an impression on each movie they were in.



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