10 Best Musical Scenes In Movies

10. Another Day Of Sun - La La Land

Upon first watching, La La Land, filmgoers were transported into the romanticized version of Hollywood that most folks only dream about. If you wanted to make a movie about the wondrous aspects of the movie industry, opening your film with "Another Day of Sun" is definitely starting off on the right foot.

The song does a brilliant job of both capturing the hustle and bustle of LA while also showing more adventurous touches with the dancers and drivers perfectly choreographed to the opening tune. The whimsy behind the scene becomes even more astounding as the song breaks for subtle touches like performers emerging from the backs of semi-trucks and eventually bringing the entire highway to a complete stop. Sure, it may suck that you can't get to work on time, but you almost don't mind with entertainment like this.

What makes the sequence all the more impressive is that the opening song launches you into the film, with our protagonists having their first encounter while sitting in the same backed-up highway intersection. In terms of raw entertainment value, "Another Day of Sun" provides just the right tunefulness to put a smile on the viewer's face as they embark on La La Land's not-so-glamorous take on the Hollywood life.


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