10 Best Non-Christmas Christmas Movies

8. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (2005)

Die Hard
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Shane Black's experience writing movies set during Christmas may have begun with Lethal Weapon, but climaxed with 2005's Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. That's right, Lethal Weapon should have been on this list, but KKBB took its spot thanks to the very nature of this film.

When Robert Downey Jr. robs a toy store, he does so to take in its cash, but also to find the one toy for his kid he can't find anywhere else. It's essentially what Jingle All The Way might have been were it a crime flick instead of a children's Christmas movie.

This is the type of Christmas movie that both does and doesn't feel like a Christmas movie at the same time... does it ever feel like Christmas in L.A.?

For this movie, it does, which is apparent thanks to Shane Black's writing and the performances of Downey Jr and Val Kilmer. Throw in a sexy, Santa-suited Michelle Monaghan and the audience is locked in a Christmas movie appropriate to the season.

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