10 Best Performances In 2018's Worst Movies

Tom Hardy deserved better.

Tom Hardy Venom

There have been a ton of terrible performances in almost equally terrible movies this past year, but occasionally, an actor has just barely been able to rise above the material and deliver a decent performance.

These 10 movies are all among the most critically-reviled of 2018, but they also all featured a single praise-worthy performance, typically from a better-than-this, awards-worthy actor who was (barely) able to transcend the awful writing and/or flaccid direction.

In some cases the actors clearly knew what they were making and simply decided to go the ludicrously entertaining self-parody route, while others gave a performance bold enough that it couldn't help but become the movie's only standout element.

Some, meanwhile, did such an impressive, earnest job selling the trash material it was almost impossible not to be at least mildly, temporarily captivated.

None of these actors will be getting Academy Award nominations for their thankless work here, but they nevertheless deserve to be singled out for even trying to elevate appalling material that clearly didn't deserve their talents...


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