10 Best Post-Credit Scenes In Horror Movies

Giving the MCU a run for its money.

Urban Legends: Final Cut
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For those who immediately change the channel/get up and leave the cinema when the end credits kick off, you're often costing yourself a little extra film to enjoy. Before the MCU turned post-credits scenes into easy sequel set-ups, the horror genre was the most synonymous with giving viewers something more after the credits rolled.

From quick jump scares to the inevitable reveal of the killer still being alive, many directors have had a lot of fun with these cinematic easter eggs. While the genre's rarely reached the highs of Ferris Bueller's iconic "You're still here?" or the lows of Morbius' not one, but two stinkeroos setting up sequels that'll never happen, there's still plenty of memorable moments to unpack.

These are often fun little cap-offs to enjoy which, while not game changing, are thematically on point. Other times, there are genuinely shocking reveals that change the narrative of the film we've just watched by essentially providing a new ending or cliffhanger. These are the types that those who don't stick around often wind up kicking themselves for missing.

Regardless of the style or storytelling in question, all of these horror movies have enjoyed innovative takes on the after-credits scene that are well worth watching.

10. Constantine

Urban Legends: Final Cut
Warner Bros.

Despite its dour, doomed tone, Constantine ends on a surprisingly positive note, with a selfless John Constantine (sans that Scouse accent to save Keanu another accent catastrophe ala The Devil's Advocate) quitting smoking and coming to terms with his purpose in life.

Fortunately for fans who liked the relatively upbeat send-off, there's a post-credits scene that touches on how the afterlife's going for his late pal Chas. Serving as comic relief for the most part, Chas proves to be surprisingly brave and useful in the climactic, psychiatric ward battle and exorcism before being cruelly murdered by the angel Gabriel.

Heading off to the cemetery to pay his respects to his fallen friend, Constantine is greeted by the newly angelic Chas, who's clearly found a new way to continue fighting against the forces of darkness. The two exchange a knowing glance before Chas flies off.

While it doesn't add a huge amount to the plot of the film, this neat little moment provides a nice thematic epilogue to many of its spiritual themes. With news of a Constantine 2 finally being in the works, it's not impossible this scene holds some relevance to the new film's plot. That is of course if the Constantine team want to brave the elements of working with Shia LaBeouf these days.


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